Scandal lap dance from a teacher during class

The dance lasted four minutes and she did because one student's 15th birthday. At the end of the dance, the teacher hugged him and said "I love you baby."Happy Birthday!

A 42 year old teacher was accused of offering a lap dance to one of her students in front of all his classmates in middle school Stovall. According to documents filed in court, Felicia Smith, 42, was accused of improper relationship with a student. The woman was removed from office at Stovall Middle School, located in Houston, Texas and was fined $ 30,000.

When class started the teacher placed a chair in front of the room. The cries of classmates urged one of the boys to sit on it: it was his birthday and apparently it was a special surprise. The young man sat in the chair, started playing music and then underwent the teacher for about four minutes a "lap dance ', a type of dance with much physical contact in which the dancer makes movements of the viewer's lap, in here the boy.

The show must have been, at least, surprising: the teacher as a ballerina performing an exciting dance to his own student, a minor, and in front of all other students in the classroom. She placed her legs, her bottom close to the child- rear-apparently he even touched her in some occasions- and even at one point placed her head between the legs of the child.

traslation: Belén Zapata