North Korea holds military maneuvers with real fire

North Korea began launching artillery shells near the Northern Limit (NLL) line around 14.00 (5.00 GMT), on the border with South Korea

North Korea is conducting a live-fire exercises near its maritime border with South Korea.

The South Korean Defense Ministry redoubled alert and ordered the residents of the nearby islands to be prepared in case they fall shells in your area.

On Tuesday morning, North Korea notified its southern neighbor was going to perform these maneuvers near the western coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The South Korean authorities warned they would respond forcefully if the shells fall in the south side of the border. They have also ordered ships not come to that sea zone.

According to an army source of South Korean live-fire exercises have begun on Tuesday at about 2 pm in the area that had reported beforehand.

traslation: Belén Zapata