China urges U.S. to stability in the Asia Pacific

The statements of Chinese officials were part of a visit Barack Obama made his key allies in the region: Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines

Qin Gang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said that China and the United States share broad common interests in the Asia Pacific region and asked the U.S. side to promote mutual trust in the region.

Qin told a press conference that China and the U.S. should respect each other, enhance cooperation and make joint efforts with other countries in the region to promote peace, regional stability and prosperity.

The U.S. military will have greater access to bases in the Philippines under a 10 year agreement signed during the visit of Barack Obama, in an attitude which was seen as an effort by Washington to counter a Chinese aggression in the region.

Although Barack Obama said Washington was not trying to "contain" China.

China said U.S. officials have made ​​similar statements several times, Qin, who emphasized that the country will closely follow the words and actions of the United States said.

U.S. and the relevant countries in the region should follow the historical trend and desire of the people of peaceful development and mutually beneficial cooperation, Qin said.

Obama was in Manila for a state visit to the Philippines two days, the last leg of his four-nation Asian tour that also took him to Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

traslation: Belén Zapata