Controversial Miss Chubby 2014 pageant

The contest was in Paraguay where 57.6% of the population is overweight or obese, according to the Ministry of Health. 22.8% of the Paraguayan population, about 6.5 million people, is "clearly obese"

Paraguay, a country where 57 percent of the population is overweight, has found a different way to fight discrimination against obese people, holding a beauty pageant called "Miss Chubby" which aims to raise the self-esteem of women with a few extra kilos. "All my life I've always been fat but cute" admitted backstage at a popular nightclub in Asuncion Montserrat Monges, music teacher and student of Psychology, 24, after receiving the award for Miss Gordita 2014.

From the stage, with high heels and red gala dress and wide neckline, Monges devoted her minute of fame to the people who discriminated in school by extending the public a great middle finger with elaborate manicure. "It's the first time I participate, I did not lack courage or attitude and I'm here to show that there are women who love each other but are overweight," said Miss brand. Fifteen contestants paraded across the stage between neon lights and hardcore music in two modes, casual and last night before an audience of hundreds of family and friends.

traslation: Belén Zapata