Renounced the South Korean Premier because of cruise tragedy

Divers have recovered 188 bodies and estimate that 114 people are missing. Only 174 people survived.

The South Korean president accepted the resignation of Prime Minister due to government action around the wreckage of a ferry that killed dozens of people, but abstained from set the day on which he should leave office.

In a statement to the press in which he discloses his resignation, Prime Minister Chung Hong-won attributed to "deep-rooted ills" in society's tragedy which left over 300 people dead or missing and aroused grief, anger and accusations blame widely.

The officer resigned amid increasing outrage at the reproaches of relatives of victims of the government did not do enough to rescue or protect their loved ones. Most of the dead and missing were students who were holding a secondary school trips. Authorities have arrested 15 people-navigational ferry that sank on April 16. According to prosecutors, investigators examine communications between a crew member and the company that owns the ship while the ship was sinking.

traslation: Belén Zapata