Chancellor of China confirmed the President Xi Jinping's visit to Argentina

The Chancellor of the Republic of China, Wang Yi met with President Cristina Fernández, signed agreements on space infrastructure and agreed the visit of President Xi Jinping

The hearing was held this afternoon in the Oval Office of Government House after the official and his delegation were in the Palacio San Martín and other activities. Accompanying the president's Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and Economy Minister Axel Kicillof and Federal Planning, Julio De Vido. Also participated Ambassador of China to Argentina, Hengmin Yin and General Director of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean, Shen Zhiliang. Former Foreign Minister of China met with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Héctor Timerman; Planning, Julio De Vido, and Economy, Axel Kicillof who signed agreements on space infrastructure and agreed the visit of President Xi Jinping.

In this respect, Foreign Minister Timerman underlined that worked with delegations for "the success of the forthcoming visit of President Xi Jinping to the country, a fact that will be a milestone in the history of relations between our two nations."

Moreover, Timerman said "the gratitude of the people of Argentina for the continued support of the government of the PRC in the just claim of the Falkland Islands, and highlight our conviction to continue to support the one-China policy, with respect to the territorial integrity of the neighboring country. "

"The trade links and investment projects being analyzed, as well as other nuclear, space and regional issues, particularly China's relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean have a promising future," said the chancellor.

Finally, he stressed the operation of China in multilateral organizations and reiterated "our sincere friendship with the government of the PRC which will be reflected in the visit of President Xi".

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that "progress has been achieved in the way of unity and development" of bilateral relations and wished "success for Argentina" that "can find a way to development according to the characteristics of country and regional integration. "

"We want to continue to travel and open new spaces of trust and mutual support," and reiterated the support "position on the possession of Argentina in the Falkland Islands."

"We are transforming this space into concrete results of economic cooperation for mutual benefit," said Wang Yi said and done "deepen the relationship with Argentina, one of the most important objectives of the tour that President Xi made ​​by Latin America" .

"Today Argentina is playing a very important role globally, we are sure to have the Argentina" concluded the official.

After the meeting, Minister De Vido and Chinese Foreign Minister signed on behalf of their respective governments, a cooperation agreement for the construction, establishment and operation of a Deep Space Station China in the province of Neuquén, the first outside China.

These facilities shall be subject to Chinese control station deep space missions to be built and monitored by the Chinese public company CLT, whose task will be to monitor, control and data download of Chinese interplanetary exploration missions.

With this agreement, Argentina can use the antenna for the development of national projects and regional and international cooperation, as well as participate in interplanetary exploration programs and integrate the small club of countries Universe explorers. And significant hiring local workforce is expected to build the antenna.

traslation: Belén Zapata