World Summit on the internet changes

With over 200 million people and a massive use of social networks, the Brazilians are the second largest global users of Facebook, for example, Brazil intends to lead the change

Brazil wants to become a leading voice in the changes in the regulation of internet NetMundial host the summit, which begins on Wednesday in Sao Paulo, with a strong speech in favor of freedom and privacy online.

Shaken by U.S. intelligence revealed by former U.S. intelligence analyst Edward Snowden-reached directly to President Dilma Rousseff and his advisers-the Latin American giant drew more than 80 countries, representatives of business and civil society to discuss the future of internet.

Like other countries like Germany and Mexico, Brazil reacted strongly to allegations of spying of millions of its citizens and, following them, the president even suspended a state visit to Washington scheduled for October. And in the UN General Assembly in September, proposed a multilateral control Internet use.

The summit, co-organized by Brazil and 11 other countries, including the United States, India, France, Germany, Argentina and South Korea, represents "a turning point" in the history of the network, said the executive secretary of the Secretary General of the Presidency, Diogo St. Anne. "Brazil wants to insist strongly in the change process of Internet governance," he said.

St. Anne felt that one of the differences that can be created within the summit is the speed with which countries want to implement the changes, an issue that involves not only technical, but also social and political rights linked to the freedom of expression or the privacy of user data.

Traslation Belén Zapata