Tips for taking good selfie

A self-portrait of the Oscar presenter Ellen DeGeneres starred in the show of the Academy Awards in Hollywood quickly became the most widely shared photo twitter and caused the "selfie fever"

A self-portrait of the Oscar presenter Ellen DeGeneres with stars like Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper taken during the awards gala of the Academy Awards quickly became the most widely shared history photo on Twitter. And that created a trendy.

These are some of the tips experts offer to good selfie self portrait or a cell phone

1. Lighting helps a lot as photographers recommend avoiding direct sunlight and avoid sources directly on top (best when the light is a little up and side). In addition to the features shadows are harsh and not stand out eyes, however, you should also avoid LED Flash and a light behind us.

2. Do not look directly at the camera. The site mentions that this is more for artists since the right would turn his head slightly, showing only one ear. The effect will be a thin face and prominent cheekbones. Also a picture with the phone from very high is not recommended because the head is disproportionate to the body.

3. Selfie people In a nod back, according to the photographer Peter Hurley, is best done a little later was since the chin is the key in many shots. It is also said that a trick of celebrities is squinting and not look with eyes wide open.

4. The big arm. When tartar taking more space camera people away from them and stretched his long arm and as it appears in the shot, looks bigger than the person. So the camera timer either the same computer or an app that facilitates recommended.

5. Bottom is key. Seeing decision should take into account not only our face, but the back because sometimes there may be unwanted things or stand out more than oneself. (Unless that is also lens).

6. Try to avoid standing or "duck" lips so the picture has more attractive and not a source of laughter, unless this is your intention.

What do you recommend to take a good selfie?

traslation: Belén Zapata