With a "drone" bombard members of Al Qaeda

The airstrike occurred in Yemen where identified using a drone and killed 16 terrorists

16 members of Al Qaeda killed in an attack with a drone, an unmanned aircraft, the U.S. military in the southeast of the province in Yemen Al Bayda, a military source said.

"The air strike was aimed at a car they were traveling alleged al Qaeda militants and killed 16 of them in the region of al Bayda Sawmaa" a security source told Reuters.

The use of drones by the United States is increasing in Yemen, home base for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, considered by Washington one of the most aggressive cells of the global terrorist organization.

Six other civilians traveling in another vehicle on the road Hazmiah area also wounded, witnesses said.

The deputy governor of Al-Baida was killed Tuesday by suspected militants of Al Qaeda operating in Yemen, known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

In a statement, the Yemeni government confirmed that senior members of the Islamic militant group were targeted in the bombing.

This action attributed to drone known as "drone", which belongs to the U.S. military, although the Yemeni authorities offered no details, occurred days after a threat of Al Qaeda to the government in Saná.

AQAP leader Nasser al Wuhaishi, has promised to attack the United States, in a video message dated 15 March minutes and supposedly recorded in Yemen after a massive flight of insurgents who were prisoners in a prison in Sanaa.

"The enemy crossed, dear friends, still have cards you can play. We must remember that we are always fighting the biggest enemy," said a man identified as Al video Wuhaishi appearing in a mountainous area.

traslation: Belén Zapata