After 43 years solved disappearance of 2 teenagers

In 1971 Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both 17, were driving to a school party in South Dakota, United States. No more was heard of them until authorities reported a few hours ago what had happened

The last time saw them boarded a 1960 Studebaker car bound for a school party in South Dakota.

Years of research did not clarify what happened until the unit cases filed police take action on the matter.

The hypotheses were many: kidnapping, a serial murderer and even the "strange" versions linked to aliens. The car was never found nor seen in another state. Mystery revealed:

Drought exposed her car in deep streambed with two dead bodies.

The two girls from South Dakota that they drove a party of school year ending in May 1971, left the road and fell into a stream, where their bodies were kept hidden until a drought exposed her car, said authorities.

State and local officials have confirmed that the car Studebaker was unearthed in 1960 inside the remains of Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson, both students of 17 years of Vermillion High School.

The researchers showed dozens of photographs of well-preserved clothing, Miller bag and even their full drivers license with a smiling photograph. These personal objects and DNA tests were used to identify the teens, the state Attorney Marty Jackley said. No Jackson bag was found.

Classmates who saw the girls in 1971 before they disappeared and other evidence indicated that they were not drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, mechanical revisions ruled that the car had been sabotaged, Jackley said. He added that the gear lever was in the highest position and the light switch indicated that they were on when the events occurred.

"It is consistent with a car accident," Jackley said. The attorney general added that forensic tests showed no lesions that could be attributed to the commission of an offense or misconduct. "

He said the bodies were found in the front seat, not the back or trunk, and it was there their clothes, all of which suggests that it was not a crime.

There is no way to know if the accident was caused by the bursting of a tire, but one of them was pretty worn and damaged, he said.

"They just looked and did not find him," Jackley said.

Jackson's father, Oscar, died five days before the car was found.

traslation: Belén Zapata