Holy Chrism Mass on Thursday at the Vatican

The Pope celebrated the first Mass of Easter at the Basilica of San Pedro. Tomorrow will be leading the procession of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome

Pope Francis presided at the Holy Thursday Chrism Mass at the Basilica of San Pedro. It is the first major celebration of Easter.

Francisco decided to talk to priests worldwide, with explicit its role within the Church references. "I find three significant traits" he said. "It is a joy that anoints us, is an imperishable joy and is a missionary joy. A joy that anoints us penetrate the depths of our hearts. Would say anointed to the bone. Our joy that comes from within is the echo of our anointing" .

"An incorruptible joy that the Lord promised, and no one can take from us. Our joy can always be renewed. Even in times of sadness the people of God is able to keep the joy.'s Able to help you open your heart and find a renewed joy, "he said.

The Pope stressed that "the priestly joy is a joy whose sister to poverty" and "has as sister to obedience."

"The priest who aims to find the priestly identity introspectively diving inside may not find anything other than output signals. Otherwise salts yourself the oil becomes rancid and the anointing can not be fruitful. Exit itself involves stripping itself, it means poverty, "he said.

"I ask the Lord Jesus to confirm the priestly joy of those who have several years of ministry."

traslation: Belén Zapata