Dramatic Sinking Cruise in South Korea

Most of the passengers are high school students who carried a recreational outlet, when it sank in the early hours of Wednesday 20 kilometers off the southeastern coast of South Korea

A boat they were traveling 477 people sank off the coast of South Korea. Several dead, young wounded were rescued and more than 300 missing were counted. They fear that most of them trapped inside the ship, which could make shipwreck in the naval accident the most serious since 1993. That year, a shipwreck on the west coast of South Korea left 300 dead. Most of the passengers are young students.

According to the charge d'affaires of the Embassy of Argentina in Korea, Ignacio Lacunza reported that "the fog makes it difficult the search of the castaways."

The reasons of the accident are still unclear. The Sewol, covering the route from Incheon (Seoul west) and the resort island of Jeju (Southwest), issued distress signal at 9 am local time (00:00 GMT) and the first hypotheses suggest a collision with a reef.

The helmet took less than three hours to capsize, to be almost totally submerged. The South Korean news channel YTN showed aerial images where you can see the bulbous bow of the boat hovering above the water surface, surrounded by a dozen helicopters and rescue boats.

Dozens of boats, helicopters and divers maneuver to rescue the passengers of the ship, which was heading to the southern resort island of Jeju.

The ship had sailed on Tuesday afternoon Incheon port, west of Seoul, according to the Port Authority and Maritime Affairs of the District of Busan.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, including 325 passengers were high school students who were doing a four-day school trip to the resort island, very popular.

traslation: Belén Zapata