Rescued girl who lived with a monkey

The 15 years girl's adoptive family locked up and tied tapeworm living with a dog and a monkey

A 15 year old girl subjected to slavery that were living with a monkey was rescued by police in the city of Buenos Aires. The minor currently weighs 17 kilos because eating sporadically, to the point of sharing with the mono and balanced dog food she was given. The couple kept in these conditions, which for 12 years had it in "temporary custody" is detainee.

The young lady rescued, that due to poor diet has a maturation delay is admitted to a hospital. Following the investigation, the police discovered that the couple had enslaved the girl was devoted to San La Muerte. Some neighbors of Slaughterhouses in Buenos Aires said "beat her with a belt when the monkey girl food ate." The fact came to light following a biological sister of the wanted to meet again with her girl and suspected when the couple who had not allowed her to save her.

The girl stated by Gesell camera system will not see more of their adoptive parents, but strangely the monkey.

traslation: Belén Zapata