Finally Campbell appeared in the FIFA figurine album

Costa Rica striker Joel Campbell ended up disappointed after buying over 500 figures and could not be found. What made public social networks and now the kids of the world seek it "difficult figurine"

Costa Rica striker Joel Campbell said via twitter that he had bought 100 packets of figurines of World Brazil 2014 and could not be found. Among children from different countries dedicated to completing the album worldwide, it said "Campbell" possibly be the difficult figurine. Reason, Juan Manuel de Argentina jumped for joy when opening one of the packets and find the figurine 296 for the Costa Rica player.

Recall that wrapped in the "global temperature" for the next tournament in Brazil, Joel Campbell waited for the release of the new World Cup figurines album to be immortalized as one of the members of the local selected.

Many were surprised when buying packets "figus" and did not appear. He continued buying and opening packages until it reached 100 (500 figures) and was not found. A big disappointment.

Campbell told through his Twitter account that despite having purchased lot of figures to fill his album he is not yet found. "100 envelopes and was not found," lamented the attacker. The message was accompanied with a hashtag that can be translated as "unlucky Campbell". The 21 years old attacker, belongs to Arsenal on loan but this season the Greek Olympiacos and is in the current album of the competition as the figurine number 296.

traslation: Belén Zapata