Unmanned submarine will search for the missing plane

The black box of the flight HM370 stopped transmitting possibly have drained the battery, now just the submarine that was sent to locate the Indian Ocean deep

Researchers have claimed that sent unmanned submarine to search the plane in the Indian Ocean after six days ago ceased to believe that signs were issued by the black boxes.

Officials search multinational center, based in Australia, said they suspended the search for signals at the end of the day and probably the batteries of the black boxes have been exhausted. They are designed to last only 30 days.

Starting Tuesday, the search will focus on the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle traveling the United States aboard an Australian naval vessel transport. Is scheduled to take underwater operation time because the search area is still very large.

Multinational center officials also were willing to revise your search for wreckage on the sea surface, because it has already been over a month since he disappeared with 239 people on board. They said that this week will begin to discuss the way forward with the nations involved in the operation.

traslation: Belén Zapata