In 29-floors building, the world's largest "Tetris" was played

It was to remember the 30th anniversary of the creation of this classic video game

Hundreds of fans of the classic game "Tetris" gathered to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its invention and enjoy the world's largest Tetris so far, while the benefits of LED lighting technology were shown to coincide with the traditional week technological events Telly-Philly-Week held in Philadelphia, USA.

For this event, organized by Russia Today (RT), operator of global broadcast news studios in Moscow and Washington in collaboration with Frank Lee, professor of audiovisual media, Drexel University, the facades of downtown skyscrapers Cira Centre Philadelphia 29 plants were transformed into a giant screen of 100,000 square meters, incorporating more than 1,400 LED lights integrated in the glass facade which composed with different colors game pieces that were handled from a console located more a mile of the building, where hundreds of people gathered to enjoy the show were.

As Frank Lee, game designer at Drexel University and responsible for creating this giant screen said "although it is not the first time that Tetris is played on the facade of a building, had never reached such dimensions that you may also be in the Guinness Record.

The Tetris game, created in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov the Russian computer, challenges the player to choose, rotate and place smart parts must fit to create complete rows, which became a global phenomenon in 1980, after the game designer Henk Rogers acquired the rights and come to an agreement with Nintendo to incorporate it into their game Boy.

Precisely Rogers was one of the players who participated in this gigantic game of Tetris in Philadelphia.

traslation: Belén Zapata