The UK will launch test missiles from Malvinas

The missile launch will be operated by an Air Defense Squadron stationed in the Malvinas Islands. This unit has installed six mobile Rapiers missile batteries

Foreign Minister Hector Timerman claimed that the UK has scheduled missile exercises the 14th and 27th next April in the Malvinas Islands and summoned the British ambassador to deliver a strong protest note.

At the time Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain summoned the British ambassador to the Foreign Ministry to deliver a note of strong protest against this new force display warmonger in an area of ​​peace, such as the South Atlantic, one of the founders and major powers military Organization North Atlantic Treaty.

This action Timerman said is a further proof that the UK ignores the provisions of the UN resolutions calling on both parties to resume negotiations on sovereignty and refrain from introducing unilateral modifications in the situation while it persists the dispute.

The Rapier missiles

Further reported that according to information available to the Argentina, missiles launch will be operated by an Air Defense Squadron stationed in the Malvinas Islands. This unit has six mobile Rapiers missile batteries, located in the vicinity of Mount Pleasant Airbase Military and Puerto Puerto Yegua installed.

This missile system is the same used and used British forces in different theaters of war, including the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Geopolitical importance of the British military presence

Timerman said chelates occupation of Malvinas is not an excuse for the establishment of a powerful military base, as was emphasized by the President (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner), because it serves their strategic interests in the South Atlantic with projections from Antarctica Pacific and Indian Ocean.

He said Mount Pleasant Base is currently the largest existing military base south of the 50th Parallel.

He added that the Malvinas Islands are among the most militarized areas in the world, taking into account the proportion of soldiers with their civilian population. They have a military for every two civilians.

He argued that Argentina repeatedly warned the international community about shipping information of a submarine capable of carrying nuclear weapons to the South Atlantic.

He said the country and other nations in the region at the request of Argentina, requested information regarding the transport of nuclear weapons in the South Atlantic to the UK. This country refused to give any to corroborate or disprove a fact of such gravity that affects countries with which it intends to maintain normal diplomatic relations information.

He said after the disputed islands constitute a cornerstone of British strategic and global nature scheme scope. Through its strong military presence in the South Atlantic, the UK has control from the South American east coast to the west coast of Africa, as well as the inter-oceanic accesses: Atlantic-Pacific and Atlantic-Indian. The imperial naval concept that led to the occupation of the Falklands in 1833 for his critical position on the Strait of Magellan and the Drake Passage nearby continues in the twenty-first century.

traslation: Belén Zapata