The "human barbie" does not want children

In controversial statements said she prefers to be tortured to have children by the "racial degeneration"

The Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, famous for her efforts to look like Barbie, made ​​controversial statements in an interview to GQ magazine where she said, among other things, that the increase in plastic surgery is motivated by the existence of interracial couples and "rather die tortured then having children."

"Now ethnicities are mixed and there is a large degeneracy. Earlier it was not so. Remember how many beautiful women there were between 1950 and 1960 without any surgery done? Now, thanks to the degeneracy, we have this.

"I would rather die tortured than having children. Worst thing in this world is to have a family life.

"The thought of me having children creates a repulsion. Most people have children to fulfill their own ambitions, they do not think they can give that child what they can teach you, just trying to give a reason your life or your partner, made ​​for things that have to do in your life as becoming a doctor or a writer, "said the human called Barbie.

traslation: Belén Zapata