Radioactive danger warning on North Korean nuclear plant

U.S. researchers said satellite images based on the main nuclear reactor in North Korea, Yongbyon, seems to have suffered water supply problems that could cause a radiation leak accident

United States, Japan and South Korea warned North Korea against any provocation at a time when the Korea-US Institute at Johns Hopkins, based on satellite images, said the Yongbyon complex, appears to have suffered supply problems water that could cause a radiation leak accident.

This is the main North Korean nuclear complex.

Representatives of the three countries, who met in Washington after a new period of tension with Pyongyang condemned the recent North Korean missile test and called again for the cessation of its nuclear weapons program.

The three nations "urged North Korea to refrain from further threatening actions".

The report from the school indicates that the Yongbyon complex seem to be struggling to secure a stable supply of water after heavy rains and floods last summer, and this poses specific risks to the first light-water reactor in North Korea, which - notes-is near its life.

The regime has no experience in dealing with "the rapid loss of water used to cool the reactor (...), which could result in a serious security problem," wrote analyst Nick Hansen Institute blog, 38 North.

North Korea has more experience with the recovered plutonium production reactor at Yongbyon, but the "lack of secrecy of the container could lead to a release of radioactivity, even in case of small accidents."

Public analysis institute takes place after the South Korean president, Park Geun-Hye, warned that Yongbyon could witness a Chernobyl-style disaster, one of a long series of comments that provoked the regime in Pyongyang, which state media accused of disseminating "meaningless nonsense".

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