Concern to China's nuclear test in North Korea

North Korea maneuvers considered a "rehearsal for invasion" of their country

The Chinese government summoned the ambassador of North Korea in Beijing to express their rejection after the regime threatened a week make a new nuclear test done today revealed the agency Yonhap.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry sent the North Korean ambassador Ji Jae-ryong their opposition to the regime of Kim Jong-un made ​​nuclear and missile tests medium and long range, according to a diplomatic source told the agency.

Last March 30 Pyongyang threatened to make a "new kind of nuclear test" in response to UN condemnation of its latest release to the sea of two medium-range missiles.

Thus, China urged its ally not to perform what would be his fourth nuclear test "repeatedly" and "through various channels, including citation ambassador," the source said, without specifying when this reaction occurred Government Xi Jinping.

The Foreign Ministry of China declined today to rule on the matter and his spokesman Hong Lei reiterated Beijing's position hoped that "all parties" involved make efforts for "ease tensions" and promote "peace and stability "on the Korean peninsula.

traslation: Belén Zapata