Journalist from Globovisión Kidnapped in Venezuela

"I just ask God to intervene and give me back my daughter safely," said her father

It is the head of Correspondents Venezuelan television channel Globovision, Nairobi Pinto, who was kidnapped by two masked men as she left her home in Caracas.

Globovision said on its website that its officers accompanied the family of journalist "in the process of contact with the security forces, who are attending the event" and appealed to the kidnappers to release her.

"This television station urges will be responsible in the use of social networks, to avoid hindering the work of the authorities and endangering the lives of our companion work," he added.

The father of the journalist expressed his confidence in the steps they are taking the police and said "I'm tied hand and foot."

"Inside took a candlestick of concern, not anger, but helpless in a situation you do not know why that is, we are not people of worldly goods, we are professional. Even'm professional journalism as it is my daughter. their mother is collapsed as all her family and her brothers, "said the father.

traslation: Belén Zapata