Facebook plans to connect its network through satellite

The idea is to use satellites and drones in collaboration with NASA to be the first to provide this service from space

The social network FACEBOOK is considering transmit internet through satellites and drones, ie internet will come from the sky. Mark Zuckerberg the founder and CEO of the company works with scientists and NASA. This is the technology of the future and although there is still no data on the operation of this device Facebook wants to go first.

The idea is that the Internet can reach around the world and the best way is through cyberspace "In our effort to connect with everyone, have worked on ways to transmit internet from heaven" Zuckerberg said. The team is working on airplanes and satellites to provide connectivity. The company will support, Ascenta is of English origin and has extensive experience in aircraft design for high latitude and long range, has already offered different solutions, such as drones will be launched in areas more densely populated while satellites only do so in rural areas.

The initial intention is to bring internet to the two thirds of the world that do not have this service. Finally Facebook CEO assure that "have demonstrated a serious commitment to this effort and we are more excited than ever about the potential of our technology and the future impact of this worldwide"

traslation: Belén Zapata