Skrillex's new video for "Ragga Bomb"

Skrillex melds 'Star Wars,' post-apocalyptic Earth

Skrillex's music can feel like a post-apocalyptic EDM bacchanal. Now he's a got a new video to make the feeling literal.

"Ragga Bomb," a highlight off his surprise-release debut LP, "Recess," is built on ominous dancehall toasting from the London duo Ragga Twins and a typically heavy, noisy dubstep production. Here, it gets a foreboding yet rowdy new clip from director Terence Neale.

Shot on location in South Africa, the video finds a bombed-out urban grid turned into a bleak-hued rave. The striking costumes are equal parts militant and animist, and the video features some arresting, hard-jerking dance moves and ominous streetscapes.

In his latest video for "Ragga Bomb," after scrounging materials from trash heaps in a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape, the leaders of two rival factions face off George-Lucas-style, with a good old-fashioned lightsaber battle.