Russia increased the price of gas hat sells to Ukraine

Russia has denounced alleged ultranationalist threat called to defend the annexation of Crimea and concentrated thousands of troops along its border with Ukraine, which has raised fears of an invasion in the West

Russia significantly increased the price of natural gas sold to Ukraine. A measure was expected to be the answer to the pressures it receives from the West. Thus put more pressure on the government illiquid.

Alexei Miller, director of the state-owned company Gazprom, said the company has withdrawn the discount applied in December and had to stay in the 268.50 U.S. dollars price per thousand cubic feet of fuel to raise it to 385.50 per thousand feet during the second quarter.

The discount was part of the aid package that President Vladimir Putin of Russia offered the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich following its decision to withdraw the signing of a partnership agreement with European Union will strengthen its ties with Moscow. The move sparked protests that lasted for three months and led to the flight of Yanukovych to Russia.

Miller said the decision to raise the price of gas in the second quarter is that Ukraine did not meet the pre-delivery payments, which now reaches the sum of 1,700 million.

traslation: Belén Zapata