YPF placed bonds for 1 billion dollars in the international market

It is the largest bonus in history from an Argentina company to a fixed interest rate of 8.75% with a term of 10 years

YPF finished a new issue of Notes in the international market for one billion dollars and with results that exceeded expectations. It is the largest bond issued by a company in Argentina throughout history and will be used to finance ambitious investment plan of YPF.

The emission was performed at a fixed interest rate of 8.75% and a term of 10 years. This rate is lower and the term is twice the international bond that the company had made ​​in December 2013.

These results confirm international investor confidence in the management of YPF, which in two years scored solid financial results, in addition to significant growth in production and reserves replacement rate.

Daniel González, CFO of YPF, said: "We gave another important step in the funding strategy. In 2013, after 15 years, YPF reissued in international markets, proving that we have access and build trust. With this issue we confirm the interest and support that the company enjoys today. "

"This international issue, which exceeded our expectations, included new investors from around the world. Thus we are securing financing our ambitious investment plan for the year, "concluded Gonzalez.

In this issue, led by HSBC, Itaú BBA and Morgan Stanley, involved more than 300 institutional investors worldwide.

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