Trading of EU and China is 434 billion per year

Begins the summit between EU and China, focusing on trade and investment

Chinese President Xi Jinping began a round of meetings with the European Union with a meeting in Brussels with the holder of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

The EU-China summit will focus on bilateral trade relations and investments, as well as international policy issues.

Community leaders welcomed the European Council headquarters to the Chinese president, who thus makes his first visit to the EU institutions.

Before coming to the Council, Xi met with President of the European Parliament (EP), Martin Schulz, who noted that this first trip by Chinese President to the institutions of the European Union "illustrates the importance that the new Chinese leader gives a prosperous relations between the EU and China and the European Parliament".

Schulz said that relations between the two partners "offer tremendous untapped potential".

Trade between the EU and China reach more than 1,000 million euros a day, recalled Schulz, who also noted that focus primarily on property.

The EU and China in 1985 signed a trade and cooperation being expanded with the passage of time a multitude of activities such as creating business opportunities, international security, environmental protection or academic exchanges.

The EU trade in China is 434 billion euros annually.

traslation. Belén Zapata