Apple and Samsung to court again for patent violation

Samsung accuses Apple of violating five patents in its Galaxy line and says its South Korean rival stole two of his ideas for the iPhone and iPad

Apple and Samsung are presented again in federal court in Silicon Valley, California, United States in a new round of its everlasting patent war.

The case involves patents for smartphones and tablets, along with the struggle to be a leader in a market of billions of dollars.

"Each side accuses the other hard on a slow patent litigation, which is why this trial is about 2014 products in 2012 and before 2012," said analyst Florian Mueller intellectual property in the website

Both groups will meet again before Judge Lucy Koh of the district court of the city of San Jose (California, southwest).

The leaders of the two groups, Tim Cook of Apple and JK Shin from Samsung, had gathered in mid-February but the negotiations failed, as detailed document submitted to the court in San Jose.

Koh was precisely the judge in charge of the case, who had requested the parties to submit an amicable agreement before February 19, since the opening of the trial was scheduled for March.

But Apple and Samsung could not agree on a cross-licensing agreement, according to the document.

The two groups would face, according to observers, the clause prohibiting imitate a product requested by Apple that Samsung refuses to sign.

In this case, Apple accused Samsung for violation of five patents, one relating to the Siri voice application that he claims was stolen.

Apple accuses Samsung of willfully copied the iPhone design and asked the U.S. courts to ban the sale of certain models of phones from the company in the United States.

Meanwhile Samsung accuses Apple of stealing two of his ideas now used to the iPhone and iPad.

traslation: Belén Zapata