Perié: "the relationship with Asian countries is a priority"

The Congresswoman Julia Perié further seeks to be governor of Misiones in 2015, is a fervent promoter of political, cultural and trade relations with the countries of Asia

The Congresswoman Julia Perié Argentina (Misiones) is one of the most enterprising and driving relationship with the countries of Asia. In this sense we speak to her about the work being done to strengthen ties and include the trade issue in these relationships. Noted that "in recent years working with the countries of Asia was pretty intense and rewarding, and interesting. Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, China and India were among the countries with which the contact is increased in all areas.

We did many activities in the political and cultural. We are now proposing papers and hearing they may need those countries to strengthen the relationship, mainly between congresses "." With Vietnam (MEP is Chair of the committee friendship with that country) we are preparing a cultural event for September, must be given continuity to what was done last year, which was very successful. "

Regarding her position on the policy of rapprochement with the countries of Asia, recalled that "this relationship has to do with state policy first implemented by President Kirchner and now President Cristina in terms of the new relationship that has our country, more equal with emerging countries, south relationship. "I queried as to whether to increase trade relations, she said. "Undoubtedly we try to strengthen trade relations, in addition to social, cultural and political relationship of all, as a member and representative of the province of Misiones, always I'm trying to be missionaries entrepreneurs who can go using these relations we have, so they can promote their products.”.

As an example stressed that "now will travel to Indonesia furniture manufacturer Posadas. This must serve to strengthen our ties to be missionaries entrepreneurs who can bet on new markets." About her political future assured with firmness and determination ". Want to be governor of Misiones in 2015, I'm working hard for that response to all who are imbued with this possibility, it is a woman who governs the province in 2015," said .

traslation: Belén Zapata