UN: Argentina abstained from condemns Russia for annexation of Crimea

The Foreign Ministry reported that the vote held today at the United Nations, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, Mercosur founding members, voted abstention resolution referred to the situation in Ukraine

The vote of the UN General Assembly on Thursday condemning the Russian annexation of Crimea showed the different positions that the crisis in Ukraine causes in Latin America, divided between national interests and international alliances. During his speech, the representative of Argentina to the United Nations, María Perceval said that "proposes a text with a statement based on an interpretation by the international community of the domestic law of Ukraine which is not consistent with the principle of non intervention in the internal affairs of that country”.

The official urged "respect the primacy of the principle of territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of all States," adding that Argentina "deplores the double standard of several members of this community who adapt their actions and speeches geopolitical to the needs aim with which advance individual confrontations. "I intend that our decisions do not fall back into the logic of a world divided by ideological barriers," she said and stressed that "the resolution has been filed walking in the direction of limiting dialogue and peaceful resolution of conflicts."

The resolution submitted by Ukraine and sponsored by the Western powers and Costa Rica, which is not binding, was adopted by 100 votes in favor, 11 against and 58 abstentions.

Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Dominican Republic supported the text in defense of the principle of territorial integrity and denouncing the illegality of the March 16 referendum in Crimea, where the vast majority of population of the peninsula voted joining Russia, accepted by the Kremlin.

They voted against the resolution four countries of ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America): Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Among those who abstained are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay and El Salvador.

Mgter. Marcelo Montes professor and analyst at International Policy Collaborating INNOVAES, expressed the matter: "I think the Argentina went on hurriedly support the Russian position on Crimea. Comparing referendums that Peninsula with last year Malvinas, here the island population, reaffirmed his desire to continue to belong to Britain, as they arise from its military occupation in 1833. Instead, in the Crimea, the population decided to raise the independence of Ukraine and then return to Russian sovereignty.

As to why in one case (Malvinas), the Western powers did not object to the referendum and in Crimea they did, sounds elementary. Usually occurs that when it is a member of the Western community, it's not questioned and it is done when we refer to a non-Western state actor, in this case Russia. But these double or multiple standards, often typical of the behavior of states in the international order. Argentina itself has had double standards over its historical foreign policy. Right now, criticizing Western powers for their action on Crimea, Argentina ignores our country, is part of the G20 and has a debt with the Paris Club, a group that just ask refinancing with greater last trip of President Cristina Fernandez to France".

traslation: Belén Zapata