The theories of what happened to Malaysia´s planet

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Nineteen days passed since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Malaysia said on Monday that the plane ended up in the ocean and declared dead at 239 people aboard, still do not know what happened to the aircraft, where exactly or what circumstances led to its demise.

The Malaysian authorities have indicated that new satellite imagery revealed the presence of 122 objects in the sea that could be wreckage. They are, they said, elements of more than 20 meters long, spotted about 2,557 km from Perth.


Military radars indicate that the flight MH370 unexpectedly turned westward when changed the way he planned to follow. At that time, the transponder-device that allows communication with ground staff had gone-and the last message was sent.

Such changes are rare, the only reason why pilots would perform such a maneuver would be for a serious problem requiring a detour to land, one cause may have been a fire or malicious action on the part of the pilot or another person. Be achieved only know the appearance of the black box.


The hypothesis of abduction loses strength because since the attacks of September 2011 the twin towers planes are equipped with access doors to the reinforced cabin, in order to prevent criminals from taking control of the aircraft, including the doors are bulletproof and can not be opened with an ax.

Regardless of how secure the target is, occasions where a crew member has to leave the cabin are presented, and that time could be used to introduce someone in it. It could also happen that the pilot has invited someone to the control center of the plane, after pictures circulated of a previous flight which shows the co-pilot of the MH370 with visitors.


Most theories are based on the communication systems were deliberately switched off, which is supported by the Malaysian authorities.

It could have been a fire, which affected the performance of some of the systems of the aircraft, but the aircraft remained intact. Then it could register a gradual decompression after lack of oxygen caused by decompression disable the crew.


The transponder was turned off when the aircraft was on the Sea of ​​China, entered Vietnamese airspace and ended its contact with Malaysians air traffic controllers. Probably no one noticed the disappearance and that Malaysian operators have been inspected and the Vietnamese ignoring the tickets. Experts say that ground staff sometime contacted planes that were in direct contact area through the system to avoid collisions.


The search effort about 2,500 km southwest of Perth, in Australia, is based on images from commercial satellite companies.

There are currently about 20 satellites having a resolution that allows images such as those used as reference, ten of them processed images daily. They are received in near real time and are available two or three hours after being captured. The delay in detecting important information is due to the time it takes to analyze the amount of received images.

Military satellites that detect missile probably would not provide much useful data because they are not calibrated to detect objects the size of an airplane.

The MH370 flight was at a distance of 11km from the surface and traveled three quarters of the speed of sound, the rockets and the quadruple or quintuple usually rise between 50 and 80km. They have different profiles.


The fact that the pilot was in charge or not, marked the last moments.

The plane could have slipped on water an aircraft of this size would fly for about 80km before hit the water. But if nobody was driving controls, the decline could have been extremely rough.


If there was a serious problem, it is difficult to know whether those on board noticed something.

When the plane goes off course for hours, passengers do not realize.

01:00 A lot were asleep. In the morning some may savvy to realize that the sun was on the wrong side.

One theory suggests that the elevation of the plane could be made to produce hypoxia-oxygen deprivation-which could leave those traveling unconscious and may even cause death.


Without doubt, the most impressive to the layman is how can fade an object of that size so easily. In an age where people are used to trace a cell phone when someone steals it, is astonishing that the aircraft disappears off with only some of the systems on board.

The technology to track aircraft in real time there, but the problem is that these devices reflect the era in which they were conceived.

For example, the 777 entered service in the early 90 computers used are from that era.

traslation: Belén Zapata