Ensure that drumming is the best therapy against stress

It is a method of relief and emotional release, an important source for reducing stress and channeling hatred

A report in the British University of Chichester showed that drumming burn the same calories as playing a football game. Touching the battery facilitates blood flow, increases heart rate and develops the muscles of the arms and shoulders. But in addition to helping improve fitness functions as stress reliever

The Chilean drummer Diego Fuchslocher advised to practice with this instrument "as a method of relief and emotional release. According drummer is an important source of reducing stress and channeling hatred ".

Willingness and motivation are the main ingredients in order to access and delete relaxation energies that harm our body.

This new therapy helps keep the mind blank that allows practicing this discipline to focus on what you are playing and thus expel all energies that manage cloud the mind and negative thoughts. Also, improves posture, coordination and flexibility.

Benefits of this curious therapy

1. Sense of freedom: you have download with chopsticks and so achieve a sense of total freedom.

2. It releases endorphins: drummer says "touch a battery time, in physical terms, is roughly equivalent to a professional football game." Therefore, it is similar to state you generate when you some kind of physical activity.

3. Brings the development of cognitive skills: Drumming helps exercise your memory and concentration.

Drumming has become a good therapy for executives unplugged in order to achieve the routine and connect with the instrument had always wanted to learn. It also serves to develop skills without wanting to become a professional.

traslation: Belén Zapata