Inaugurated buildings III and IV of "Jorge Newbery” airport

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said that companies like Airports Aerolineas Argentinas and Argentina 2000, demonstrate how public and private, articulated, can develop better services and opportunities and contribute to the growth of the country

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner led the inauguration of buildings III and IV from Airport "Jorge Newbery" that expand and improve services to passengers, accompanied by members of his cabinet, and held three videoconferences in which launched the first channel of public television in Mendoza; project starts from a steel billet plant in Santa Fe was announced, and the first digital school in Caleta Olivia was enabled.

The First Mandatory was accompanied at the ceremony held at the new facilities of Airport by Economy Minister Axel Kicillof; Planning, Julio De Vido, Transport, Florencio Randazzo, the president of Airports Argentina 2000 and President of Aerolineas Argentinas Mariano Recalde.

In her message, Cristina Kirchner emphasized the "exponential" growth in tourism thanks to works like those that have opened in the Airport and best running Airlines after its transfer to the State.

She argued that "everything is much simpler and easier" to what is believed to achieve improvements in both state enterprises and private, and is reduced to being "able or unable, efficient or inefficient, mediocre or smart" and also to "rule to a country, because that's the point”.

Noted that Aerolineas Argentinas, administered by the State, and Airports Argentina 200, through a grant administered by private, "can be as efficient with each other when they are articulated, when we have the intelligence to articulate the public and the private, not are antagonistic, but they have a huge responsibility to develop better social services, better opportunities, and contribute to the growth of the country in such a vital area as is tourism. "

In that regard, she mentioned the "huge increase tourism held since 2003 to date," while still many areas of that item to exploit and generate further growth

She said that the opening of these two new buildings, III and IV of the International Airport "Jorge Newbery" (See details of the works in attachments) will demonstrate the "transformation" that has been experiencing alongside the increase in economic activity and tourism.

She noted that thanks to the growth of airlines increased activity in the Airport, an increase of 83 percent of takeoffs and landings and a movement of nearly 10 million passengers, of which "the majority of which are Airlines".

Meanwhile, the company Airports Argentina 2000 "I went from a balance of $ 900 million to 1.9 billion dollars," she said.

"Domestic tourism grew exponentially and now Airlines already flies to 24 jurisdictions around the country for the first time in a long time," she added.

She stressed that the dealership airport "has responded with a huge investment that could do this because the country has grown, as if it had not grown would that old airport as a private had absolutely nothing to do with the airport" which is what "today the country deserves and deserve Argentines."

"When a passenger now arrives at Ezeiza airport, or the Metropolitan, she added, he realizes that is not in a coastal country, but in a country with international standing."

"I-said-in this joint industry without chimneys, the tourism for the tourist to get the good service they want."

traslation: Belén Zapata