Houston, we have a problem.... and odor

A weekly scientist warns of the danger of stomach gas in a space mission

Stomach gases on land are no big deal, says Discover Magazine-curiosities of science, odor, harmless and will dissipate quickly. But an astronaut has a problem with each gas and becomes a time bomb. The gases are flammable and can quickly become a problem in a small pressurized capsule in the middle of the space in which their gases have nowhere to go. In an old space program of the 1960s, scientists fed the astronauts with a special diet with a "soft formula." They found that the “space” diet actually reduced the possibility of producing gases from complicating spacecraft and the pressure suits.

Intestinal gases let us not forget, are flammable. They are composed mainly of hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4), and this is something that cannot be floating in a small enclosed capsule and pressurized in the middle of space ... Fire is one of the biggest enemies you can face in the space.

Says Wikipedia:

Called gas, stomach gas and commonly fart to the gas mixture to be expelled through the anus with a sound and / or characteristic smell. This mixture originates from ingested produced gases and other gases, from food, from bacteria and yeasts living symbiotic in the gastrointestinal tract of mammals, and their droppings aerosolized particles.

Traslation Belén Zapata