Conicet's Biochemistry among the top five in the world

Biochemistry Bouzat Cecilia received the award for neurological research. The award recognizes scientific excellence of five women researchers worldwide and delivers the L'Oréal UNESCO For Women in Science International Program

Principal investigator of Conicet, scientific Cecilia Bouzat been working since 1997 at the Institute of Biochemical Research of Bahia Blanca (INIBIBB, Conicet-UNS), which is deputy director, and in whose lab studies one of receivers called Cys-loop found in the nervous system, muscle and neuronal cells.

She is also a professor at the National University of the South of Bahia Blanca, where she studied and received BA and Ph.D. in Biochemical Sciences. In 1993 she did a postdoc at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, United States. In 2007 she won a research grant L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science in Argentina.

How did it feel to receive the distinction of your career? -Receive the L'Oréal prize - Unesco is an incredible joy and honor. Is the most important distinction in my career and is an extension to the award granted me in 2007 L'Oréal - Conicet Argentina. Get all prize, enjoy but generates a new responsibility and a commitment to keep working and doing good science.

Traslation Belén Zapata