The negotiations with the Paris Club begins on May 26

The Argentina begins the negotiation process for the payment of the debt with the Paris Club, the 26th of May, according to the formal invitation that sent the body to the country

The 26th of May will begin formal negotiations with the Paris Club to determine the guidelines for the payment of the debt with the member countries of the organism.

This was confirmed by Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, who also noted that last week Argentina received a formal invitation from the organism to begin negotiations. "Argentina has received formal notice for invitation of formal negotiations as of May 26," he said.

Coordinator Minister said: "When the process of initiation of formal negotiations is given, it is necessary to agree on the amount, it has to do with further capital related interest, we must agree on the terms of cancellation debt, both principal and interest, in the manner and terms of payment and which is down payment for the cancellation process".

Capitanich insisted that "it is a complex negotiation" because "they are about 19 countries" that make up the Paris Club and "15 are those who have debts with the Argentina", while two of them, Germany and Japan, "are those with a greater relative share of debt."

traslation: Belén Zapata