Pope Francisco celebrates is first year of pontificate

With spiritual exercises outside the Vatican, Pope Francisco marks the first anniversary of his pontificate, while in Argentina the activities to celebrate one year with the Pope are multiplying

Pope Francisco marks one year of pontificate marked by reforms in the Curia, the opening of the Church and its samples simplicity and closeness to the people, which has given him enormous charisma, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flock to St. Peter's Square.

Francisco is in Ariccia, about 30 miles from Rome, on a retreat with the rest of the cardinals and bishops of the Roman Curia for a week of prayer and reflection during Lent, so that no special celebration shall be made in the Vatican.

On the other hand, in Argentina and especially in Buenos Aires, his native land, events, masses and calls with the intention of celebrating the first year of the arrival of Argentine pope will be made.

Francisco, is the 266th successor of St. Peter, the first Pope and the Jesuit Latin American first "with Franciscan heart," faced his first year of his pontificate with great challenges, including the reform of the curia.

Bergoglio, 77 years old, a Jesuit with Franciscan heart, nothing more submitted to the faithful told the world that wants to be a pope "in the service of others", who dreams of a "poor and for the poor" and world Church both, who encouraged religious convents to open gaps to accommodate refugees.

The first thing the pope did, elected on 13 March, was rid of tinsel. Shoes black shoes and no papal red and lodges in the Santa Marta residence, a unit of the Vatican, along with bishops and priests and not in cold apartments of the Apostolic Palace.

Simplicity is not fought for Argentine Pope with courage in reforming the Curia "sick" in the words of Benedict XVI.

The audience shares his joy in Social Networks using the hashtag #GraciasFrancisco and honor of the Supreme Pontiff.

traslation: Belén Zapata