The actress and director of India, Bijaya Jena in 2014 Pinamar Screen

She participated in the festival especially the famous actress, director and producer Bijaya Jena, who led the delegation with Ambassador of India to Argentina, Amarendra Khatua

The Ambassador of India, Amarendra Khatúa and actress, screenwriter, producer and director, Bijaya Jena were responsible for introducing the section on India, new film under the Film Festival "2014 Pinamar Screen".

"There have been one hundred years old film in India and we have a small sample of its magnitude in this festival. The embassy has a large film library and presents particular films, "said Amarendra Khatúa ambassador to the press at the launch of the party.

Check in from India for the event, Bijaya Jena, referred to the images projected in her latest film and expressed her view of the alternative cinema to Bollywood: "India had an important film culture, I had a moment of much boom after independence and a film of that time won an award at Cannes. Precisely because of the struggle for independence from Britain, was a major commitment and this was reflected in the film "And she said:." India's first film was nominated for an Oscar in the days of '50. After twenty years of independence became more complacent and began to produce this type of film, more fantasy and entertainment. In the '70s a great filmmaker produced a very successful alternative cinema, and even today there are pockets in different states that follow. But this sort of honeymoon lasted ten years and then turned his film Bollywood fantasy.

Finally Khatua Ambassador said he wants a regular participation in Pinamar India cinema screen. And he said: "To promote our culture in Buenos Aires, we have a festival in November. We got there 40 or 50 events with a film series, usually in the Centro Cultural Borges. These days events develop in Tucumán, Almirante Brown, in Cordoba. There is much love for Indian culture. "Festival directed by Carlos Morelli, who had the best expressions of the films from Italy, Hungary, India and Switzerland as special guests, also paid tribute to classics like" Belle de jour "of Luis Buñuel, and "Hiroshima, mon amour," Alain Resnais, and closing designed the film "Ishmael," the Argentine Marcelo Piñeyro filmed in Spain.

Films of India who participated were:

Love Letter (The Lunchbox), a film directed by Ritesh Batra tells the story of a lonely widower, a woman trying to conquer the passion of her husband cooking him and a "delivery" of the wrong foods the recipient of a shipment , that is the starting point for a delightful history and is the best of the Indian cinema.
The Song of Our Love (Taal), directed by Subhash Ghai. A famous example of more typical "Bollywood" movies. A succulent frame love, social, music, singing, dancing and width show starring some of the most outstanding figures of India.
Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Milan Luthria. An explosive combination of "thriller" film and complaints in a vigorous narrative images and feverish pace. The plot grows around the obsessive hunt for an almighty and elusive gangster carried out by a police officer that no obstacle get intimidated.
3 Idiots, of Rajkumar Hirani. One of the biggest hits of Indian cinema in recent years. Two friends looking for a former classmate put in place a substantial comic-musical entertainment, with enormous sympathy and juicy "gags". Serves the supreme country star: Aamir Khan.

traslation: Belén Zapata