Driving law banning cosmetic surgeries at age 18

The primary objective of this law is to ensure the right to health by banning minors from cosmetic surgery merely responding to cultural patterns and are not necessary for their physical or mental health conducted

A bill of "Restricting cosmetic surgery on minors," an initiative that prohibits such interventions in children and adolescents was presented to the Argentine parliament.

The rule refers exclusively to the operations of aesthetic nature, being excepted reconstructive, restorative and therapeutic surgeries. Ie, cases in which the impossibility of a facelift done to impact the health and physical development and / or the child or adolescent psychosocial excluded.

The initiative was introduced by Congresswoman Mara Brawer (FPV)

The panelist Juan Carlos Volnovich, child psychiatrist said that "this law sparked controversy reflects the inclusion or exclusion is played around the proximity or distance of a particular aesthetic value. This law breaks the naturalization of practices that lead to meet an ideal of beauty imposed and, in many cases, mean that women undergo mutilation of their bodies. "

"Moreover, it is important to note that this rule treats children and adolescents as subjects of law and not as objects of consumption or desire" concluded Volnovich.

As regards the limit at 18 years old, Dr. Armando Pomerane, specialist in plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn said: "It is estimated that the pubertal maturity in women peaks at age 18. For a cosmetic surgery patient's body requires maturity, along with a deep and its own family circle reflection. "

On freedom of the children or their parents to decide, attorney Marisa Herrera, a researcher at CONICET and Family Law specialist said: "This rule does not violate parental rights because the law presumes that a person is able to decide on his own body from age 18. "

In turn, the psychologist and teacher Mirta Marina, coordinator of sexual education ministry program reflected: "The controversy surrounding this law can lead to a reflection of the educational community. In fact I believe that school is a place to discuss this law and its foundations. ""From my perspective, I support this initiative because it cares, protects and promotes the self-assessment of children and adolescents," he concluded.

To conclude the event, the author of the Mara Brawer law summarized: "The primary objective of this law is to ensure the right to health by prohibiting minors of cosmetic surgeries that match purely cultural patterns performed are not necessary for their physical or mental health. ""This rule speaks of a present state, caring for future generations saying no to a risk (because all surgery implies however minimal) absolutely unnecessary," he said.

traslation: Belén Zapata