LOST: 4 hypotheses of the mysterious disappearance of plane Malaysia Airlane

Moreover, 2 passing passenger reported that the copilot of the missing plane from Malaysia drew pictures with women and smoking in the cabin

Commercial aviation still can not get over his astonishment by the disappearance of flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines. The aircraft is a Boeing 777 and is considered one of the most reliable on the market. What is known is that the flight departed from Kuala Lumpur bound Beijing carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew.

There are four scenarios, the first is the terrorist bomb attack. Suspicions focus on two stolen passports have been linked to people of Iranian origin, this enables someone to be part of a terrorist watch list who was on the plane to detonate a bomb. However stolen passports do not mean that the plane was indeed the target. According to experts there are many stolen passports by travelers around the world are used.

But what happened to the satellites? It is unlikely that the satellites that are in orbit show a flash or infrared heat characteristic of an explosion, however there is a possibility and the U.S. which has a super secret geosynchronous satellite orbiting 35,405 miles in space

The second speculation is kidnapping, before disappearing radar indicated that the ship could have turned around to go back to Kuala Lumpur. So far there were no reports that the flight crew has sent signals that a problem had occurred.

Mechanical failure is the third hypothesis. The absence of remains suggests the possibility that the pilots have fallen into the option of landing the plane in the sea then dive. These aircraft have the ability to plan for 160 miles and land on water with the engines off.

And the last track is the pilot error, there is no indication that the crew has starred in a bad maneuver that has been key to the disappearance of the ship. This situation has been compared with crossed by AIR FRANCE 2009 that fell into the sea within a few hours of taking off from Brazil with destination Paris. A French investigation determined that the flight crew was responsible for the accident and did not understand they were in a situation of loss and should never understood that recovery maneuvers.

Photos in the cockpit

Australian media reported that two women provided data of the pilot of Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared on Saturday while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

According to tourists, the 27 years young passenger arrived in 2011 to stand for an entire flight from the Thai island of Phuket and Kuala Lumpur, including takeoff and landing, chatting with them and smoke in the cockpit, two activities you are strictly prohibited by the rules of flight.

One of the complainants, the South African Jonti Roos said she could even experience the takeoff and landing along with the crew. "The entire flight talking with us and smoking were passed," Roos told the Australian television Channel 9. She added: "We took photos of our meeting while flying the plane."

traducción: Belén Zapata