Tinelli was at the opening of LG Lighting New Gasometer

In order to meet international standards of HD broadcast in the "New Gasometer", the club chose to renew its lighting LG park with plasma technology

The Stadium Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro incorporated unique technology in luminaires LG Electronics. As part of a renovation, the Board of the club closed a trade agreement with the division of LG Lighting Argentina and installation of lighting systems were available from plasma technology. At the opening of lighting, President LG Argentina, Thomas Yoon, President of San Lorenzo Matias Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli, vice president of the institution attended.

The project consists of a first phase of 90 units that were located on the field side of the stadium and is expected to complete a second instance with over 100 projectors.

Since early men and women of LG, among whom were Diego Lopez de Lagar (Marketing Manager), Gaspar Rodriguez (Press & PR Coordinator), Carlos Alberto Garcia (Senior Manager) and Aldana Peira (Lighting Project Account Manager) were responsible for the details of a night in which the passion for football and technology that contributed LG joined.

This illuminated LG plasma provides better definition and clarity, a key point when designing a game in HD quality. Its operation is based on light emission from the high pressure gas discharge q combined with sulfur generates a differential light. The way the fixtures have been installed represent 60% more light output in horizontal and vertical plane illuminance level.

In terms of this type of savings product that provides LG is sustainable and this is largely due to not generate waste to the environment. It also adds two key points: long life that doubles the conventional gas discharge technology and lasts 15,000 hours. Even reignition is 2 minutes against 6-8 halogenated mercury.

"We are pleased to be the vehicle to raise the image of the club beyond the borders of Argentina. Offer this plasma lighting technology, ideal for night and friendly sports environment, is another example of LG's technological leadership, "said Thomas Yoon, President of LG Argentina.

traducción: Belén Zapata