Casa del Visitante the winery Familia Zuccardi: tourism and wine

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Familia Zuccardi was the first winery to open a visitor centre with its own restaurant in the year 2001 under the supervision of Julia Zuccardi

The wynery has a Cava de Tourism, where regular hours from 10 to 17 hours throughout the year, receive "visitors". La Cava is the starting point for an instructive visit to the winery, where the whole process of elaboration of the famous young varietal wines, reserve, premium, innovation and sparkling displays.

Here you will have the option of making a visit to the winery followed by a tasting of three wines from the Santa Julia line, or make a private visit tasting of premium wines.

The visit to the winery is done privately or for the particular group.

Premium tastings

STANDARD (Santa Julia Rosé / Torrontés, Santa Julia Malbec Reserva, Santa Julia Tardío / Chenin Dulce Natural)

PREMIUM (Zuccardi Serie A Torrontés / Chardonnay Viognier; Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda / Syrah; Zuccardi Q)

COMPARISON (Santa Julia Torrontés; Zuccardi Serie A Torrontés; Santa Julia Malbec Reserva; Zuccardi Q)

EXPERIMENTAL (Santa Julia Innovación; Zuccardi Textual; Malamado)

VARIETAL TASTING (Santa Julia Cabernet Reserva; Santa Julia Malbec Reserva; Santa Julia; Tempranillo Reserva; Zuccardi Serie A Bonarda)

SPARKLING (Santa Julia Extra Brut, Santa Julia Brut Rose, Santa Julia Brut Nature y Alma 4)

WINEMAKING 101 (Santa Julia Malbec Reserva; Santa Julia Tempranillo Reserva; Homemade “Zeta” Reserva)

SUPER PREMIUM Z sin Zuccardi Z; con Zuccardi Z (Zuccardi Serie A Torrontés; Zuccardi Q Malbec; Zuccardi Emma Bonarda; Zuccardi Z)


House visitor has two dining areas.

Restaurant Guest House

This space is set in Mendoza, genuine estate surrounded by vineyards and olive gardens. Our House in 2006 received the "The Great Wine Capitals" award for BEST RESTAURANT IN BODEGA. There offer two menus for both lunch and dinner for groups

Regional Overview: is the traditional roast and salads accompanied by native breads and pies cooked in clay oven in sight and exquisite regional dessert. Includes Santa Julia wines Varietal and Reserve

Tasting Menu: contains 8 or 12 steps made ​​from regional and seasonal products paired with wines from Familia Zuccardi. This menu is seasonal and occurs with changing it.



Located next to our mill and olive oil extraction, olive bread and has a completely different from the Guest House Restaurant concept, as it is a much more informal and focused on olive oil as highlight product space. The gastronomy Bread and Olive is a tapas menu with options, salads, pastas and desserts.



We have a lot of fun in the vineyards for two good exercise program: CYCLING AND TASTE

This activity takes place from 10 to 12:30 hs

As a way of combining sports and wine, enjoy an incredible landscape of vineyards and mountains, this walkthrough is proposed by Zuccardi Family Vineyards. Along the way, you can see the different activities taking place on the farm and the different types of strains. In several stops wines are tasted under the vines from which they originate and end with accompanying regional cheeses and cold cuts


Familia Zuccardi have two different proposals for Cooking Class. A Class Regional House Guest Kitchen and a Cooking Class based on Olive Oil in Pan & Oliva.


This is an exclusive class with our chef which teaches how to use products to develop traditional regional dishes and taste them at a luncheon with wines from Familia Zuccardi.

We will teach them to develop our three varieties of pies in the clay oven, our homemade breads and pastries typical of Mendoza quince.

The program includes breakfast, cooking class, lunch Regional Guest House, tour and tasting at the winery. Apron will also be present.


In Pan & Oliva our protagonist is olive oil, so this class is based entirely on preparing dishes based on olive oil.

They will teach how to prepare tapas using varietal olive oils, clay-oven pizza and even dessert with olive oil!

The program includes breakfast, cooking class, lunch at Bread and Olive, tour and tasting at the plant olive oils. Apron will also be present.

Come to REAP (February, March)

Familia Zuccardi invites tourists to harvest their grapes, with which we will elaborate the best wines in the cellar. The idea is to take a winery tour with our expert guides, who will then explain step by step the art of the grape harvest.

After enjoying the harvest, we invite you to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Guest House with typical regional wines from winery and meals.

This program includes lunch and tasting varietals.


Optional Proposal for Lunch

To enjoy the sun of Mendoza, the shadow of olive trees and poplars, the green of the gardens of the Casa del Visitante, the landscape from the winery Family Zuccardi nothing better than a PICNIC.

It consists of a basket for 2 or 4 people with a selection of regional delicatessen products, home made bread in clay oven, cheese, olive oil varietal, vegetable and meat sandwiches, cakes and dessert, seasonal fruits.

Of course wine or foaming from Family Zuccardi.


The Cava Tourism can also perform Tasting Courses and Sensory Analysis. This course is an introduction to the techniques of tasting where the wines are compared to their aromatic descriptors. Includes a tasting of 6 Wines Online Santa Julia Santa Julia Reserva and Magna as well as a private tour of the winery.

The course lasts for 2 hours and materials and certified winery is delivered.


Participants are led by a guide who explains the features of this task, which is vital for our vineyards, and which controls the growth and get best grapes. This activity is complemented with Afternoon Tea or a regional lunch and takes place between June 15 and August 15. Excludes transfer.


The COME To FLY program is a unique offering in South America. It is another way to see the vineyards and enjoy exclusive wines from Familia Zuccardi. Come to FLY is a captive flight, wherein the balloon is tied flies and the vineyards of Finca Beltran for about 40 minutes.

Also, COME To FLY includes a glass of sparkling on board, traditional winery tour, tasting wine line and Santa Julia Reserva Varietal and a tasting of olive oils Zuccardi Family.

Consider that the program is not performed if the weather conditions are not favorable.


The program consists of an antique car tour through the vineyards of Finca Beltran, who are located right where the plant is Bodega Zuccardi. It is a 2 kms approximately three stops are done in the vineyards of Chardonnay, Syrah or Cabernet and Malbec, doing tastings at every stop of the Santa Julia Reserva Varietal and lines. At each stop, our bilingual guides explain the history of the winery, vine Zuccardi system, irrigation system of the vineyards system for frost protection, organic vineyards, vines in general and the characteristics of the wines to taste .

It is a unique walk (are pioneers of the program) and very informative and educational.

As for the cars, they are driven by their owners who can tell the story of these vintage cars and introduce them to exciting this world! In closing, we ended the tour with award-winning olive oils Family Zuccardi and making a visit to the floor of the cellar.

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