The Congo, closer to Argentina

Contrary to what is said here with "andate al congo belga, Congo is not far away but in our hearts," says Ambassador

Yemba Lohaka, business manager in charge of the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Argentina, went straight to point out that contrary to what it's said here with "andate al congo belga, Congo is not far but within our heart. "The reference to the idiom used in a derogatory manner when the caller is sent to the farthest place imagined, creates some discomfort and resignation among the members of the Congolese community gathered to honor the late musician PE TABU LAW.

Together with the Congolese Association in Argentina and Africa House, the embassy held a cultural day which included the exhibition of artist Aaron Kalala. In this context we speak to the head of the embassy of Congo, Yemba Lohaka, who noted that the bilateral relationship with Argentina is "very good, like the multilateral relationship with the joint participation in many organizations worldwide basis."

Yemba Lohaka says that "we are working on the idea of ​​Hugo Chavez in that our north is south and focus our efforts on South-South relations." "We're looking for ways to get closer to the possibility of economic and technological exchange. Argentina see that opens to Africa." For this reason the reference to Congo is not far.

"Andate al congo belga"

To Lohaka "is a saying that is used here in Argentina that makes people think that the Congo is far from Argentina and actually we are now closer than ever", with all the cultural and political contacts. "There are many things to do," says Yemba Lohaka, "political level and high-level contacts, which actually started as needed."

Last year the deputy foreign ministers of the two countries made reciprocal visits. As for the business relationship are finding some important trade missions, but we must ensure that business is direct. Yemba Lohaka says that trade relations are triangulated because "there are actually European companies who buy products and then sell them, but triangulating business."

Together with his wife and children, sympathy Yalala yemba Nsamba and Marina stands, the ambassador said that "Congo is a mystery, the jungle, but in reality is a country with 70 million inhabitants, Argentines should dare to know ".

traducción: Belén Zapata