Jackie Chan reported theft recoveries and requested less censorship

He said while speaking at the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference Chinese. As they believe, roughly 826 million dollars disappeared in 2013 in Chinese box office

Chinese movie star Jackie Chan and Feng Xiaogang have expressed their concerns about the Chinese film industry in a discussion during the plenary of the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference Chinese. One of the main problems was referred to the theft of money from the proceeds, while the other is censorship.

When theaters hide part of their income to evade taxes or to avoid paying what they owe to all studios and distributors, they are stealing from the collection. Some analysts estimate that in 2013 disappeared roughly 826 million dollars of the Chinese box office, 19 percent of total revenue.

Movie and martial arts star Jackie Chan, who is also the Chinese government political adviser, said that if a film suffers many cuts of censorship, the box office "will suffer a lot and will have disastrous results for the producers."

Chan said that "the government has penalized 15 cinemas for stealing before this proposal I'm doing, but I ask more severe penalties. This practice not only hurts our revenue but also our international reputation. I've Talked to many foreign colleagues and they are very concerned about this practice in China. "

The famous director Feng Xiaogang agreed with Chan's request and also suggested that the government should invest more resources to cultivate filmmaking talent.

Regarding censorship, Feng pointed out: "Do not do that directors tremble in fear every day," considering that the current Chinese cinema almost missed the cut by censors.

"Currently, end a film depends on some browsers ... does your patriotism, political judgment and artistic taste are better than ours?" Feng said, quoted by the web version of the newspaper "South China Morning Post".

Feng expressed: "Many Koreans and Japanese studying in Hollywood and then create film companies in their countries special effects teams of South Korean movies are great and their makeup artists are also first I learned in Hollywood, and if they can do it, why not us? have to support more young people to study abroad, this should not be limited to state corporations. "

Chinese films have by now 53 percent of total revenue in the country. Since May 1, all cinemas should update their collection system to meet government standards and prevent fraudulent practices. Analysts believe that the measures proposed at the meeting of the CPPCC will contribute to the development of the film industry.

traducción: Belén Zapata