Cognizant: a leading technology services and business

"We are 160 thousand employees. In 2013 the company had a turnover of 8,800 million dollars, an increase of 20% compared to 2012 and by 2014 we have projected a turnover of over 10 billion dollars globally," say

Interviewed Cristián Argüello, Argentina Country Managers of Cognizant, a leading enterprice in advisory services, information technology and business processes. According their emphasize by presenting the objectives "seeking help its clients worldwide to strengthen their business and maximize their competitive performance through innovative technologies and processes. More than 160,000 partners-connected global-delivery network dedicate their strategic vision, experience technology and expertise in industrial and business processes to serve its customers to take advantage of the forces that draw the future of work. "

They have been In Argentina since 2007 and the company has turned 20 years of life worldwide being the fastest growing area of professional services. "When it comes to professional services," says Arguello, "we mean services to the information industry, consulting services and back office business processes."

To understand the size of the company worldwide, only enough to know that "we are 160 thousand employees. In 2013 the company had a turnover of 8,800 million, an increase of 20% compared to 2012 and 2014 we forecast a turnover of over 10 billion dollars globally”.

In a climate of harmony feeling in the environment, Arguello refers to work in Argentina. "We have 3 axes of types of services. One for our clients based in the U.S., for which from Argentina give technology services information and business processes. We are also serving our global multinational clients operating in the region, mainly Latin America and we are developing the local market looking for business opportunities and looking for local customers. "

The relationship with India:

Looking at the origins of Cognizant, Argüello dates back to 1994. "20 years ago India was the boom of technology service information for the United States" - says that "in this context begin to see develop this internal division that the company had created and generate business opportunities by offering services to other companies.

Our main operation is in India with 100,000 employees and are providing services for everyone. India is a powerhouse and is considered number 1 in regard to information services. "Here in Argentina we have learned a lot from that expertiz giving us Indian”.

Local Market:

In Argentina they are serving more than 30 clients, providing services to specific industries we are highly specialized. In the field of banking, financial, pharmaceutical services and technology industry, also manufactures companies.

"We provide support and offer applications, developing new applications and testing of them, and the business process outsourcing," said Arguello.

Argentina's customers are benefited with the prestigious Cognizant culture that puts the customer first, and service delivery in our state of the art development center in Buenos Aires. Thanks to the resources and expertise, customers can enjoy Argentina faster deployment in the market, improvement in the quality of software developed and reductions in project costs by implementing practical and comprehensive operational and optimized processes.

Cognizant is recognized worldwide thanks to a series of achievements:

Appear on Fortune 500

Being on the Fast Tech 25 list of Forbes

Most Admired Companies the world according to Fortune

Principal Innovators according to InformationWeek

Fastest Growing Companies, according to Fortune

Appear within ten shares of the decade according to The Street

DC MarketScape Leader in Drug Safety services in the life sciences sector

IDC MarketScape Leader in the analysis of social media in the pharmaceutical sector

Triumph in the CRM market according to CRM Magazine

Leading the transformation of technology companies, according to Forrester Research, Inc.

Appear within the top 20 content development according to