Boca Juniors opens a football school in New York

The club opens its first official soccer academy in the United States and from 21 to 29 March shall be proved, youth, men and women aged from 4 to 18 years in Long Island. View the details of a training program with high levels of excellence

As one of the largest in the world and supporters worldwide teams, Boca Junior expands and comes to New York to try to newcomers.

Boca transcends borders and, as a sign of the international presence, the Boca Juniors Academy in Long Island, New York, will be the first official soccer club school in the U.S. with the standards of quality and excellence that became Boca a brand in the training of youth. And that will allow dozens of boys, in as far as La Boca to New York instead, defend the blue and yellow colors with the same passion that the guys who are in the Pedro Pompilio complex and start their own path in football as once did Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago, Sebastián Battaglia and many others.

Tests of players, both men and women, will be from 21 to 29 March and the following day will officially begin the training program, with a practice session and a weekly party for the kids, and two sessions and weekly for the grown ones. Boys will be ranked according to their ages in the categories Pre-Academy (4-7 years)-Youth Academy (9-13 years) and Pro-Academy (14-18 years).

Boca, one of the largest producers of professional players in the world, with over 200 active players spread across the various leagues, dump its long experience in training in this new challenge of Boca Juniors Academy of New York, a project being conducted by the International Football department, headed by the leader Fabian Parra, and have the support of technicians and trainers club especially traveling from Buenos Aires to provide expertise. For this foundational task will go coach Gaston Pernia and PF Oscar Aquino, who usually work in the Xeneize Campus.

In addition to this school in the United States, Boca Juniors has another 42 in the following ten countries: Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Peru, India, Kuwait, Indonesia, Chile and El Salvador.

"In the U.S. soccer is now the second most popular sport among young people aged 12 to 24 years old, surpassing even the NBA, and television ratings for football matches increased considerably in recent years. And to this the growing strength and influence of the Latino population nationwide adds, so it represents a great opportunity for our club to be the best positioning throughout the Hispanic market, "says Mariano Berenstein, who heads draft Boca Juniors in the U.S., and already implemented a project without precedent.