Pope Francisco candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has received 278 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, including Francisco

Pope Francisco Racing 277 people, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the expected race for the Nobel Peace Prize, said the director of the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Geir Lundestad, introducing the list of candidates for the distinction this year, a record.

Jorge Bergoglio was elected head of the Church on March 13 last year and became the first Latin American pope, after the historic resignation of Benedict XVI.

"I like being with people, along with those who suffer, and walk by the parishes. I do not like ideological interpretations, a certain mythology of Pope Francisco. (.) Painting the Pope like a kind of Superman, a kind star, I find it offensive. Pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps quiet and has friends like everyone else. it's a normal person, "Francisco said in an interview on the impact around your figure.