The rapper Sara Hebe presents extensive tour starting in Chile

Critics have said that it is "the most notable female rapper in Argentina and one of the key young artists of the time"

A singer in Argentina is altering the Latin music scene. Is Sara Hebe young female rapper, who will start a South American tour in March and will visit Chile for the first time. After two albums released, comes in a six dates, two of which have already been sold in advance.

Reach Santiago de Chile where she will do her presentations with artists Ramiro Jota and Black Liyah.

Sara Hebe and Ramiro Jota are artists that have been inserted into the music scene in Argentina with an alternative rap mixed with rock and cumbia. "La hija del Loco" and "Puentera" are the albums that have been published in his lyrics and the time they are living.

In 2007 Hebe began composing what was the start to their first album "La hija del Loco" this contains 12 tracks with original bases that provided various producers hip hop scene. He was immediately well received by the public.

Critics have said about her that she is "the most notable female rapper of the Millennium in Argentina and one of the key young artists of this era."

Su trabajo era la plenitud en centros culturales, bares, plazas, radios, principalmente de Buenos Aires. Ella se movió para ir territorio internacional donde el Foro Social Mundial de Porto Alegre, donde ella tomó su música a Brasil y el quinto Hip Hop Summit Internacional en el que representó a su país en Venezuela.

Reach Chile where present their second album "Puentera". Achieves mix of reggae and dance. Her lyrics continue with that style front side while criticism and poetry.

Who is Sara Hebe?

Sara Hebe began composing self-taught in 2007, creating lyrics and melodies over beats she found on the Internet. So armed sketches of what would become her first album, "La Hija Del Loco", edited in late 2009. The board has 12 topics developed from original bases that provided various producers in the hip hop scene, including Rancho MC, Jack Beats Ramiro, Mariano Costa, Tomas Argañaráz and The Crazy. The recording was made in studies living room, "Crazy Records" Beats and The Horn.

Since then, she has performed in dozens of bars, pubs, plazas, radios and cultural centers in Buenos Aires and other Argentine provinces. She has also participated in fairs and festivals, even internationally, being part of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre and the 5th International Hip Hop Summit in Caracas, Venezuela.

In addition, in 2009 she was part of the "La Mar in car" issued by FM La Tribu, making impromptu rap and giving her poetic review today.

In 2012, Sara Hebe released her second album, "Puentera" produced independently by Ramiro Jota, her coteam in the studio and on stage. This second album, besides taking the rap as the undisputed platform for bone and composition, through a plurality of styles ranging from reggae to dancehall cumbia and electronic world. Her poetry is characterized by a strong social criticism and urban postcard tells so raw and beautiful at once.

traducción: Belén Zapata