Delta Air Lines: new model in the SkyMiles program

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Miles for Delta flights will be earned based on ticket price instead of distance flown

Today, we’re announcing a new mileage-earning model as well as improvements to how you will be able to use the miles you’ve earned in the SkyMiles program beginning January 1, 2015.

Earning Miles

Miles for Delta flights will be earned based on ticket price instead of distance flown. This will make Delta the first U.S. global carrier to transition its frequent flyer program to a mileage-earning model based on the price of a ticket. You’ll earn 5 to 11 miles per dollar spent on base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges depending on your SkyMiles status.

• General SkyMiles members - earn 5 miles per dollar spent

• Silver Medallion members - earn 7 miles per dollar spent

• Gold Medallion members - earn 8 miles per dollar spent

• Platinum Medallion members - earn 9 miles per dollar spent

• Diamond Medallion members - earn 11 miles per dollar spent

• Delta SkyMiles Credit Card members - will continue to earn up to an additional 2 miles per dollar on Delta purchases with the Card

You can find more information about the 2015 SkyMiles program at, including a Mileage Comparison Calculator to help you understand how this will impact you.

*Just a Reminder* Redeemable miles earned toward Award Travel differ from Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs). MQMs are used to determine Medallion status and will continue to be based on distance flown.

Redeeming Miles

We’ve listened to your feedback – you want it to be easier to redeem miles you’ve worked hard to earn, so we’re making Award Travel more flexible and giving you more redemption options. Just like today, you’ll be able to redeem miles for Award Tickets on any Delta flight — with no blackout dates, but here are some additional highlights of what’s to come:

• More Award Seat Availability - We’re increasing Award availability at the lowest price levels and making it easier for you to find the seats that are most sought after. We’re also increasing the number of redemption levels overall to as many as five levels, giving you additional options requiring fewer miles.

• One-Way Award Options - Starting in 2015, you’ll be able to choose Award options for a one-way ticket at half the price of a round-trip ticket.

• Miles + Cash - You will be able to pay for a flight using a combination of miles and dollars. For example, a member may be offered the option to purchase an Award Ticket for 35,000 miles or a Miles + Cash Award Ticket for 25,000 miles + $159.

• Improved shopping - you’ll experience improved flight shopping capabilities to make it easier to compare a flight’s price in miles vs. dollars.

• New Award calendar - We will launch an all-new Award calendar with expanded search capabilities and make sure it shows the lowest price for dates you select.

We look forward to bringing you a better SkyMiles program in 2015.