Japan donated vehicles and equipment to Argentina’s volunteer firefighters

The Government of Japan established the $ 250,000 sum to transport pumpers to Argentina

Was held in the premises of the Embassy of Japan in Argentina and the act of signing contracts donating $ 250,000 to ship from Japan seven fire trucks and two boats for the Volunteer Firefighters Associations San Martin de Los Andes, Neuquén , Lake Puelo, Black River, Cafayate, Salta, Margarita Belén, Chaco; Barranqueras, Chaco Dock Sud, Bs. As.

The ceremony was led by Ambassador Masashi Mizukami and the presidents of the Volunteer Fire Company: San Martin de Los Andes Da. Elizabeth ARRUA, Lake Puelo D. Raúl IBARRA, Cafayate D. Carlos Alberto BRIZUELA ZAPATA, Margarita D. Ricardo BOGADO Bethlehem; Barranqueras, D. Gustavo Godoy, Dock Sud, D. Juan José TRUCK. Also present were officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mayors of the Municipalities of origin of Volunteer Firefighters Association, President of the National Fire Dr. Carlos Ferlise and representatives of the provincial Federations Volunteer Fire, among others.

APC Programme

The donation was made in the framework of cooperation of Japan, called Assistance for Grassroots Projects (APC), which provides financial assistance to local governments and non-profits so they can carry out their social development projects.

Human security is a concept that is at the basis of this program, so that projects APC Japan performs here in Argentina, as in other countries, should take an approach centered on the human being, putting emphasis on the interests of vulnerable people, to guarantee basic needs and freedom to your life.

Japan’s Donation to Argentinean’s Volunteer Firefighter Companies

These pumpers were allocated to each Volunteer Firefighters Association:

Barranqueras-1 water pumper ladder HINO 17,230 cc

Cafayate-1 Mitsubishi MISTUBISHI 200Lts water pumper, 8,200 cc

Dock Sud-1 water pumper (100Lts) and chemical (300Lts.), 1 water pumper (990Lts) and chemical ISUZU (300lts).

-Lago Puelo: 1 pumper NISSAN 2000Lts water. RIBs Tohatsu 2 209 cc.

Margarita Belén-1 water pumper NISSAN, 2000 Lts.

San Martin de los Andes: 1 water pumper HINO, 3000Lts.

Since 2007 to date, Japan donated seven fire engines to Argentina’s Volunteer Firefighters from Chascomús (Bs As), San Clemente (Buenos Aires), Chilecito (La Rioja), Santa Sylvina (Chaco), Adela (La Pampa) Huincul (Neuquén) and the Talitas (Tucumán), recognizing his outstanding work of protecting the "Human Security" which coincides with the principles of Community Assistance Projects.

This time, 7 pumpers and the two boats were provided by Japanese Fire institutions and the Government of Japan will donate the sum $ 250,000 for the transfer of the same to Argentina.

Longing that this project will contribute not only to save lives in emergency situations in each of the target provinces and surroundings, but also to provide reassurance to all inhabitants of the area, the people of Japan wishes deeply that friendships ties between Argentina and Japan remain strong and vigorous.