Máximo Kirchner broke silence

"There are sectors that there can not be any agreement because if you arent craped in the entrance, you are crapped in the exit"

"They tell us proud. Why Proud? One defends his position and is a superb, and has come to bank and insult you and tell you that everything is going to hell and that way, quiet, one would be demonstrating that is democratic? And what would be democratic? reviews which took 16 percent tells you to do that pulled 54%? Let them say what they want, we carry on.

La Campora is neither dogmatic nor excessively pragmatic. This permeability allows us to continue to expand freely. There are strong policies such as human rights, or deleveraging, which are essential, constitutive, as Cristina is driving. We know there are sectors that there can not be any agreement if you arent crapped in the entrance, you are crapped in the exit". Then there is much that is debatable, conversable. But put yourselves into an agreement.. Because if one day the universal allocation will play the chute and drugs, and the next day another person of the same photo can tell you the problem is you have to increase the allocation, no discussion possible.

What we call for is a little consistency. We are not going to tell the kids you that it can't be done. The kids are already awakened. That portion of Argentina, after 2015, will continue to demand. We do not go down to the neighborhood as a cleaning crew or distribute anything. When people get involved and take care of things, you want more, live better, you can organize. No organization is possible if there's no self-esteem. We do not know what electoral expression we will have, but will be fine whichever will be. Our work is long term. We open ourselves. Today it seems that Peronism is covering everything but you have to see what the kids think, if they feel that way so represented as to say they are Peronists and that's it. What you hear is Cristina. I see them going with their own thing. They are very determined. And that's what people who's been supporting us do not even see . They see the kids and get on their nerves".

Máximo Kirchner broke the silence that characterizes him to give two extensive interviews to the government journalist Sandra Russo under the production of his latest book, Own Strength.

tracucción: Belén Zapata